It’s #Wednesday so U know #DaFreshness is on TONITE 🕗8PM EST/🕖7PM CST/🕔5PM PST on @realfreshradio ( THE LINK IS IN MY BIO!! #DaFreshness (Show 2-39) is a MONSTER of a show so MAKE SURE U TUNE IN!! Download the FREE #FreshRadio App by searching for Fresh Radio within the App Store/Google Market to listen from Ur mobile device!! #DaRealXcalibur #Turntablist #FreshRadioDJ #RaneDJ

When #HoodPranks go ALL wrong!! 😂😂😭😭😭😭 sidenote: somebody gonna hurt one of U Hood Prank guys one day for those pranks. Secondary stop preying on low income neighborhoods to uplift Ur youtube views!!

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